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Dental Apps

Brush DJ

Suitable for use by all ages, this award-winning dental app plays two minutes of music and makes brushing a blast. Brush DJ allows you to set reminders to:

  • Brush at least twice a day
  • Floss every day
  • Change your toothbrush every 3 months
  • Visit your dentist or hygienist

With a multitude of musical genres to choose from, Brush DJ will help you find new hits and rediscover old favorites!

Available for iOS and Android

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Colgate My Bright Smile

This interactive dental app will help your children build a lifetime of good oral hygiene. It features educational dental games and a two-minute brush timer.

  • The two-minute brush timer makes brushing teeth fun and easy with a song and helps your child develop a regular oral hygiene routine.
  • Visit the Dental Office—This game prepares kids for dental visits by helping them discover the tools the dentist and dental hygienist use to help care for teeth.
  • Brush the Teeth—Teaches kids brushing techniques that will help them maintain a healthy, bright smile.
  • Fun with Floss—Your child will learn the importance of flossing every day by dragging floss through a maze.
  • Swipe the Sweets—Educates kids on limiting sweet and sticky snacks by swiping them away.
  • Picture This—Slide the tiles, put the puzzle pieces together and discover a strategy to maintain a healthy smile.

Available for iOS and Android

Tiny Dentist

This educational dental app allows your child to treat a huge variety of dental conditions, using realistic dental tools on a wide range of digital patients. Your child will learn how to take x-rays, perform virtual fillings, treat bad breath and more. This hands-on app can help kids understand what a dentist does and become more excited about taking care of their own teeth.

Available for iOS and Android

The Dental Expert

This educational dental app is a patient’s guide to understanding all aspects of dentistry, and includes:

  • Oral hygiene basics
  • Treatment and procedures for any and all dental conditions
  • Ways to minimize pain, fear and anxiety
  • Dental care for children
  • Solutions for missing, damaged and broken teeth
  • Gum disease facts
  • Orthodontics
  • Importance of diet and nutrition
  • How medical conditions can affect your oral health
  • Effects of tobacco use
  • Dental care during pregnancy
  • All about x-rays
  • Dental Myths vs. Facts
  • Tooth development charts

Available for iOS devices.

Dental Phobia

This helpful dental app can help to ease anxiety and fear about visiting the dentist. Dental Phobia uses hypnosis to put the listener into a relaxed state and delivers positive messages that can help a patient stay relaxed during a dental visit. It also provides valuable information on dental phobia and coping strategies that can help ease anxiety.

Available for Android devices.